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Computer to plate (CTP) is an imaging technology used in modern printing processes. In this technology, an image created in a Desktop Publishing (DTP) application is output directly to a printing plate.

Plate size: Maximum: 22'' x 26.4'' (560 x 670mm), Minimum: 10'' x 10'' (254 x 254mm)

Plate Thickness: 0.0055'' to 0.12'' (0.14mm to 0.3 mm)

Media Types: Violet sensitive media plates, all available violet sensitive silver halide & photopolymer plates.

Digital Specifications: MAC and PC files are accepted. Accepted formats: QuarkXpress, Illustrator, Photoshop (300dpi - TIFF, EPS or JPEG) InDesign, Corel Draw, Word (all Microsoft Office), Publisher. PDF files (print optimized) are accepted. Attached all fonts (postscript and screen). True Type and multiplay master fonts are not accepted. Include logo and graphics files. Convert Vector files from Pantone to CMYK, and convert all fonts to outline.

We can make plates for: Plate size (inches)
Dick 300 Series 10 x 15
Adast 500 20.5 x 16.33
Hamada 14.37 x 20.47
Hashimoto Impulse 20 14.37 x 20.47
Heidelberg GTO 14.562 x 17.75
Helderberg MOFP 21.625 x 25.625
Heidelberg QuickMaster 13.375 x 19.875
Roland Practica 15.75 x 20.08
Ryobi 510 NP 14.37 x 20.47
Sakuri Oliver 52 20.67 x 15.75
Shinihara 52 20.08 x 16.14